Lent Week Five

Lenten Devotions were prepared by Rev. Sheryl Colter, Rev. Dr. Laura Hunt, and Kristyn Woodworth

Week Five:  The Trial

Scripture Selections:

Matthew 26:57-75, 27:1-14; Mark 14:53-72, 54:1-5; Luke 22:54-71, 23:1-12; John 18:12-37

Thoughts to Ponder:

How did Jesus defend Himself?   What is the significance of Pilate’s statement, “What is truth?”  Why did the disciples not speak up? Why would the crowd choose to set a known murderer free?  What would you do today if someone condemned you for your beliefs?

Life Application: 

Jesus spoke or was silent as He was led in wisdom.  How can you be wise about your words and your silence this week?


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